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“QuARTet” Gallery Show

“QuARTet” A gallery opening for Pamela Couch and 3 other artists. Opening reception will be Sunday, Jan. 5, 1-4 and Gallery Talk Sunday, Jan. 26 1:00. The show will run Jan.2-Feb.8. Pamela Couch-oil painting, Steve Kuhlman-watercolors, Chip Norton-Photography, Tom Halbleib-Dimensional. “QuARTet” is a harmonious exhibition that brings together the eclectic work of four local artists… Read more »

Upcoming Art Shows

I have been very busy working and experimenting with my paintings. Always searching for new ideas to clearly define my vision of the world. I have 2 outdoor shows coming soon and a gallery show in January. Outdoor shows: “Art In Speed Park” in Sellersburg, Indiana, will be August 24 and 25. The location is… Read more »

Natural Connection

Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes. Author Unknown. Recently I have been adding action to my floral oil paintings. Observing nature’s interactions is a pleasant endeavor while witnessing the cycle of nature. One thing depends on another. The oil painting “Natural Connection” (white lily) hopefully… Read more »

“The Bee” Oil Painting on Canvas Materials: Masterpiece Portrait Smooth Canvas 16” x 16” Gamblin Gamsol, Gamblin Neo Megilp Winsor Yellow, Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (green shade) Gamblin Hansa Yellow Light and Medium, Gamblin Phthalo Blue, Gamblin Pink Brown, Gamblin Dioxazine Purple, Gamblin Radiant White, Gamblin Perylene I do a lot of reading about different… Read more »

Capturing Water Texture with Oil Paint

Capturing water texture with oil paint Recently I have been using variations of blues and greens for capturing water in my koi paintings. Since water is clear and reflects its surroundings you can use a variety of colors to create water and its reflections. Water also provides ever changing abstract shapes, which offers limitless ideas… Read more »

How to paint with transparent oils

Over the years of painting I have learned that I need a defined mission in mind before I start a new painting, especially a large one. Ideas come to me as I travel and visit certain sights. “The Water Garden” (36” x 48”) idea was discovered as I was visiting Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Combining… Read more »