Upcoming Art Shows

I have been very busy working and experimenting with my paintings. Always searching for new ideas to clearly define my vision of the world. I have 2 outdoor shows coming soon and a gallery show in January.

Outdoor shows:
“Art In Speed Park” in Sellersburg, Indiana, will be August 24 and 25. The location is in a beautiful tree line park. A wine and beer garden is also there for your enjoyment. This is my hometown and the pressure is on. In your hometown you are always concerned about peoples’ opinions about your art.

October 4, 5, and 6 I am in the “St. James Court Art Show” in Louisville, Kentucky. Thousands of people visit this show. Location for the show is among a huge assortment of Victorian homes in the old Louisville neighborhood. You don’t want to miss these lovely homes and the variety of art that the show has to offer. My booth is 772 Magnolia St.

January 3 will start my gallery show at Pyro Gallery at 1006 E. Washington St. in Butchertown area, Louisville, Kentucky. Two other artists will be joining me. One is photography with his cutting edge technology and the other artist does amazing watercolors of storefronts with beautiful details.
I hope you will be able to visit one of these events.
“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment”. Claude Monet