Natural Connection

Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes. Author Unknown.

Recently I have been adding action to my floral oil paintings. Observing nature’s interactions is a pleasant endeavor while witnessing the cycle of nature. One thing depends on another.
The oil painting “Natural Connection” (white lily) hopefully gives a sense of peace to the viewer during their busy lives. While painting I focus close up on the details of the butterfly and white lily. The intricate (abstract) shape presents a challenge to create the soft texture of the white lily. The background greens are a mixture of Hansa Yellow Light and Indanthrone Blue. The foreground greens are a mixture of Hansa Yellow Light and Phthalo Blue. The highlights in my painting are Titanium Zinc White. For the white lily I used the same white. Later I decided the Titanium Zinc White on the lily needed help so I added Radiant White for more brightness. All the oil paints are Gamblin products.
I have used my reference photos of white lilies for several of my paintings. The white lilies are located at “Stream Cliff Farms” in Indiana. The farm is a beautiful place to visit the grounds and have lunch. I usually have my camera or phone with me in case I come upon some interesting subjects. A sunny day is the key in making strong shadows and colors in photos. I can upload my photos to a 30” monitor so I can paint in the comfort of my studio.
In search of subjects for my paintings makes me always aware of my surroundings. Springtime is a stimulating time. Everything is new again. Thank you God, our creator of all things beautiful.

Natural Connection (White Lily)